Brilliant POS (Point of Sale) Announces Expansion into Midwest Markets

Company’s Technologically Advanced Plug-and-play, point of sale Systems Prove to Be the Perfect Choice for Retailers, Restaurateurs, Grocers and More

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Convenience Store POS

Why choose a Point of Sale Software for your Convenience Store?

It can be difficult to find an easy to use C-Store POS System that can handle the fast paced operation and customer volume that are common in this industry. Today’s Retail POS needs are for far more functionality than what a basic Cash Register can provide. Our Systems have the management functions you’ve been looking for! Seamlessly track your inventory and reorder with just one click of the mouse or touch of the screen. A Convenience Point of Sale from Brilliant will assist you in increasing effectiveness and removing waste in your systems and workforce.

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Marijuana Point of Sale

How to speed up your service and enhance profits with a Dispensary Point of Sale System?

To be an effective Retail Business, you require the ability to process orders as quickly as possibly. You need the capability of scanning, weighing, and processing credit cards, cash, or in-house accounts with minimal steps. Why waste time and money running your business with a conventional Cash Register when you can increase both your top and bottom line with our Point of Sale?

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Chinese Point of Sale

What makes the perfect Solution for a Chinese Restaurant Point of Sale?

It can be hard to find a POS System for your Chinese Restaurant that can manage both your English speaking and Chinese speaking employees. You might like your Chinese POS Software to show English for one server and Chinese for a different one. Or you might want your Chinese Restaurant Point of Sale System to print Multiple Languages in the kitchen for the cooks, however english on the receipt for your clients. In either case, we have you covered!

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Speed up your service and enhance profits with a Quick Service Point of Sale!

Searching for a way to enhance efficiency with your Restaurant? What if we informed you we have a product that can help you handle your client buying procedures as well as labor and delivery services, while taking note of what active ingredients you should restock?

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Inventory Software

Get ready for Cloud Redundancy without the monthly fees of a SAS Solution

A Liquor/Wine Shop is an optimal environment for one of our Retail POS Systems. We carry a comprehensive Liquor Point of Sale Software that will save you a great deal of time and energy by taking note of your inventory, automating order, and recording staff member hours and wages. This Software Solution makes it simple to do system-wide modifications to your stock levels, redeem and sell gift cards, examine revenue/loss margins, and discover which products are your leading sellers.

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Bar Point of Sale

Bar Point of Sale Software and POS Systems are now designed with increased efficiency

What kind of theft do you think goes on behind the bar when you’re not around? Without checks and balances, i.e. a Bar Point of sale software System, stealing can be extremely simple for your bartenders and personnel. We’ve heard feedback from numerous clients mentioning that profits “suspiciously” went up 30 % within the first week of implementing one of our Bar Point of Sale Solutions from brilliant POS!

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Point of Sale Register

We’ve updated some of our POS Register Options

POS Cash Registers are offering a convenient way of serving your customers regardless of whether you run a small-scale store or a large-scale business enterprise. They can be used in a restaurant, supermarket, hotel, or even fast food restaurants among other business enterprises. They consist of various components such as a cash drawers, software, as well as display screens that lets the customer see the item description as well as the price of the items they are purchasing. While the cash drawer consists of various compartments, which are used to organize different currency denominations. It is a good idea to put currency of the same value in one compartment.

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Cash Register

Deciding on a Point of Sale Solution for your Business: Things to consider

Some people may describe point of sale as a cash wrap, while others may refer to it as a checkout. Whatever term or phrase used, it’s the place in a restaurant or a retail store for transactions. For instance, it is the location where services or the actual product exchange occur.

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Point of Sale Hardware

Checkout our New POS Hardware designed by POS-X!

Point of Sale Hardware

Brilliant POS offers a wide variety of you high quality Equipment. Below find a list of the POS hardware available

1. Touch screen computer: The touch screen computer responds to human fingers via Resistive Touch Technology. You simply select the items you would like to sell and the screen will respond to your commands. This computer is loaded with the client side version of the software and connects to the back office PC.

2. Card readers: The card readers are useful when a customer uses a credit card or a debit card to settle his bill. You simply swipe the card and use this as the mode of payment.

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