Retail Point of Sale

Here are our new Retail Point of Sale Systems customized for your business!

If you run a business and you are still using a cash register then it’s about time you seriously thought of upgrading to a Retail POS system. Whether you are a small one-location store or a large company with multiple branches, there are many software companies designing and upgrading Retail POS systems to lower your operational cost and fully manage your inventory.

Generally these are designed with a user friendly interface that will allow you to track inventory, employee working hours and activities, as well as customer loyalty. Additionally, you can generate detailed and advanced reports that can integrate with your Financial Software. Some of the businesses targeted by Retail developers are those in the liquor and wine industry, convenience stores and supermarkets/grocery, dollar and discount stores, clothing and apparel stores, just to name a few. Most of the systems are designed with similar features because of their similarity in the tasks they play in retail business. Some of these include:

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Updated POS Equipment for increased productivity

Point of Sale Equipment is the best substitute for the old cash registers that businesses use to use. They help increase efficiency so you can focus more time and effort controlling other business operations. However, this is possible only if you have the right kind of solution for your business because if it fails your investment could end in a huge loss of money.

Basic Point of Sale Hardware includes general items like a cash drawer, a receipt printer, a computer, a monitor, a keyboard/mouse, and a scanner. This equipment is ideal for use in the retail and hospitably industry and help in allowing fast and accurate checkouts. In fact, the right POS Hardware can increase your business’s productivity and leave you with more time to concentrate on other requirements.

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Point of Sale Software

We’ve provided the top POS Software in the market.

    Impact of a POS on the Grocery Industry

There is no greater gift you can give your customers than a point of sale experience that is easy and convenient with a fast checkout service. People are busy at work, things are moving at a fast pace, parking charges are increasing, and time is critical to keep up with the pace. In view of this, customers are looking for convenience at merchant stores that employ the technology to add value to their shopping experience. The system is not only designed for shoppers’ benefits but also for you as the business owner. The following are some of the reasons that have made people flood into grocery markets using this solution.

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Cash Drawer

Check out some of our Point of Sale Peripherals

Point of sale can be referred to as cash wrap and is the location in a restaurant or retail store where transactions for the exchange of goods and services take place. Included in this description are the electrical hardware and peripherals used to conduct a transaction. The hardware can include a TouchScreen Computer or tablet device. Value Added Resellers interchangeably use the word POS when discussing checkout and the hardware locations. Merchant services providers processing credit card alongside their independent sales organization will also define standalone credit card terminal as point of sale. In this sense, a POS is merely a Peripherals that reads the credit card, then sends the transaction details to the card processor and bank and once approved issues a receipt.

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Liquor Inventory

New Service – We will upload your Liquor Inventory for FREE!

One of the more time consuming aspects of implementing a new point of sale solution for a Liquor or Wine Store is getting your entire Liquor Inventory Database into the software. Depending on the size of your store you could have between 5k and 20k items in stock.

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Nightclub Point of Sale

Checkout our new POS Bar Software

Remember the old days when the bartender had to keep tabs manually instead of using a POS Bar Software? Well, the fact is that a number of smaller neighborhood bars still keep tabs manually. This is certainly okay for a math wizard, but not the average person. They spend their time manually tallying up the drinks and the inventory. The problem with this method is that it is very inaccurate. Mistakes are made all the time and time is wasted. That time should be directed toward satisfying customers at the bar and serving drinks. Let’s take a closer look at why you would need a Bar and Nightclub POS Solution.

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Cash Register Point of Sale

Just a few of our Point Of Sale POS Features

A basic POS Solution can be summed up as the completion of transaction. This is where customers make payment to merchants in exchange of goods and/or services. These Systems in various industries utilize software and hardware that enables them to make wiser business decisions so that they can be able to maintain and manage an optimal level that will help in peak business performance. These can be used in any type of business and some of the features that you can expect with these types of systems include:

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Winery POS

Check out a few Benefits of POS Systems for Wineries

The Point of Sale System is the process of not keeping your staff or your customers tied to a cash register. POS Systems for Wineries is ideal for the Wine, Beer, and Liquor industries. Compared to Registers, POS Systems have numerous benefits. Below are some of the main features of these solutions for Wineries.

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Liquor Point of Sale – The Best Liquor POS Support Service Provider

A Liquor POS System from Brilliant POS will help you manage your liquor and retail store more effectively. Whether you own or manage a wine or liquor retail business, you can depend on us for efficient Support Services.

Our Hardware and Software are carefully customized to meet your business needs. They can help you to effectively control inventory, monitor cash transactions, offer efficient customer service, and manage your employees. In addition, they provide a secure interface with accurate accounting, taxation data, and real-time transaction monitoring. 

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Pizzeria Point of Sale

Pizza POS System is A Must have for Every Pizza Parlor

POS (Point of Sale) is the first interface at which the customer or server makes payment to the merchant for exchange of goods and services. The retailer calculates the total amount, which is paid by the customer, and he receives a receipt for the transaction. Almost every retailer employs this type of system and the most common place to see them are in fast food restaurants. The Pizza POS system is specifically designed for Pizza Parlors.

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