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Cash Register Express (CRE) – Retail Point of Sale Software Solution

CRE is an easy to use yet powerful Point of Sale software.  Cash Register Express enables retailers to improve the profitability of their business through faster customer checkout, accurate inventory tracking, reducing or eliminating shrinkage, managing employee labor and efficiently marketing to customers based on purchasing trends.  CRE has robust functionality and comprehensive business reporting designed to meet the needs of virtually any retailer.



Faster Checkouts


With Cash Register Express it is easy to make checkout a breeze. Ring up your items quickly by simply scanning a barcode, or by using the touch screen.  Taxes will automatically be applied, and hot keys are available for common dollar amounts. Receiving payment is made easy by typing in cash amounts with the touch screen or having the customer simply swipe their credit or debit card to complete the transaction. The CRE software can process a credit, debit or gift card in as little as 2-3 seconds, making those long lines disappear a little faster.

Security: Reduce Theft


One of the most costly things in retail is employee theft, whether it be cash or inventory theft. Cash Register Express has many features designed to reduce theft and increase accountability of your employees. Certain functions can even be restricted or limited to employees like discounts, no sales, voids and price changes. The software also has features to track cash discrepancies down to the specific time and cashier.

Customer Loyalty & Gift Cards


Loyalty and marketing programs can be the key to attracting and retaining customers. Cash Register Express allows you to market directly to customers and implement solid loyalty programs to keep them coming back. You can offer rewards in several different ways like birthday discounts, frequent shopper discounts and loyalty cards to reward shoppers for their purchasing habits. All of these programs can be easily implemented and monitored through the CRE software.

Track Inventory


Cash Register Express includes advanced inventory control that allows you to reduce waste, discrepancies, stock shortages and shrinkage. You can also see your best and worst selling items and track the speed of your products’ movement. Each item is automatically deducted from the inventory when it is sold giving you an accurate picture of your stock at any time. Other features such as automated stock replenishment, purchase orders, back orders and direct store delivery all come standard.

Employee Maintenance: Reduce Costs


Employee management is one of the most important areas of retail. Labor is usually the biggest expense and so it is important that employees’ hours and wages are tracked accurately. Cash Register Express makes it easy to manage your employees with many features including an integrated time clock, including a feature for clocking out for paid or unpaid breaks, hours and wages summary reports and controls to ensure employees are on time or don’t clock in when unscheduled.

In-Depth Reporting to Cut Down Expenses and Increase Profits


Detailed reporting is one of the most important parts of any point of sale system. Cash Register Express provides the most useful reports and helps you keep track of your sales figures, inventory and costs. Our user-friendly reporting screen gives you the ability to choose just what report you want to see within your desired time period. You can also view reports by cashier id, customer, vendor, store number, item or department. These reports will give you information on things like on your best and worst selling items, your store’s profits and performance, number of customers and your daily financial summary.

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Additional Features




Using coupons is a great marketing tool that has proven itself to create repeat business. There are several ways to offer promotions; percentage discounts, flat amount, buy one get one free, and other time-based sales promotions to generate repeat business.

Credit Cards


Integrate and process credit cards directly through the POS system.



Group items together and sell them as kits at one bulk price.

Dynamic Prices


Sales prices, bulk-purchase prices, and time-based prices allow pricing to automatically adjust according to the parameters that you set.

Age Verification


Protect your business from fines and penalties due to age verification requirements. Either scan the back of driver’s license to verify age, or enter info at a prompt. There is a specific scanner available for ID scanning, ask your product advisor for details.

On-Hold Transactions


Put transactions on hold for various reasons; a customer forgets their wallet, or a customer calls to see if an item is in-stock and you would like to hold it for them.

Customer Receipts


Automatically prints receipts, have it prompt yes/no for receipt printing, or even offer your customers to have their receipt emailed. You may also offer gift receipts.

Handheld Inventory


We offer handheld inventory devices for receiving inventory and adjusting inventory/floor counts. Ask a product advisor for pricing/details.

Mix And Match Pricing


Allow your customers to mix and match items for a total price. Once the level is hit that you set for the specific items it will enable the discount for the customer.



Enable layaway to let customers purchase on layaway. You have the option to force a deposit, or not. Track and manage layaway accounts.

Styles Matrix


For clothing, shoes, and other items sold by size/color easily add them to inventory and create PO’s.



Keep track of commissions for employees or for items that are on consignment.

On-House Accounts


Allow customers to charge to their account and have the reporting to maintain the accounts.

EBT/Food Stamps


Process EBT/Food stamps through the POS system as well. Set which items are able to be purchased with food stamps.

Scale Interface


We offer a few scales that integrate directly with the Cash Register Express software.

Create Purchase Orders


Creating PO’s in Cash Register Express is fast and simple. Automatically generate PO’s based on low inventory levels, create purchase orders by vendor, set re-order levels and quantities for each item. Items can be ordered by case or individually.

Low Stock Alerts/Automatic Re-Orders


Cash Register Express helps to ensure you don’t experience stock outages. Every item that is sold is depleted from inventory and there is a re-order level you can set. Once it hits that level or below it will show up in a re-order report as well as you can generate a PO based on low stock items.

Serial Number Tracking


If needed, know what specific item a customer bought and when they bought it.

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