Chinese Restaurant POS Features:

  • Touch-Screen POS
  • Multilingual
  • Inventory Maintenance
  • Time Clock
  • Detailed Reporting
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Juggling two languages in your restaurant can be very difficult, especially if you need your Point of Sale system to switch rapidly between the two many times throughout the day. But don’t worry; BrilliantPOS makes it easy for you to run your business smoothly in multiple languages! Whether you need to easily transition your system between Chinese and English for different servers or if you want to print one language in the kitchen and another for your customers, we can help you customize the perfect solution. In addition to handling two languages, our POS software will make it easy to track reservations, wait lists, table assignments and more! You and your employees can easily manage every part of the restaurant and handle all of your customers’ needs.

Our systems have many other features and can be customized to perfectly fit your business needs. In addition to software, we have the industry leading Hardware Warranty that includes a 5 yr Overnight Replacement

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