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For a hobby shop to operate efficiently it needs a Point of Sale system that can track many small items and quickly ring up those that don’t have a barcode. Brilliant POS offers software that will provide these and many more features. With our POS Software every purchase will record the inventory change and the customers’ data weather the item is scanned or touched using the touchscreen interface. This inventory adjustment can reduce or even eliminate the need to make manual changes to your inventory. Detailed reports are available for your highest and lowest selling items, pending orders and more.

  • Other features of our Hobby Shop POS System include:
  • Customer Loyalty (Gift Cards, Reward Points, Coupons, etc.)
  • Time Clock Management
  • Remote Inventory
  • Accounting Integration and much more
General Store
You can print weather resistant barcodes for any outdoor or frequently watered items. Our systems are user-friendly and take minimal cashier training, so you can be up and running in no time.

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