A Few of Our Liquor POS Features:

  • Inventory Management

  • Quick Transactions

  • ID Verification

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Customer Loyalty/Gift Cards
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Our Liquor POS Solution was designed specifically for the liquor, Wine, and Beer Retail Industry. The Liquor Point of Sale Software (CRE) will make operating your business simple by saving you both time and money. The purpose of the Liquor Point of Sale solution is to increase speed and efficiency while lowering operational costs. You’ll be able to keep accurate records of your inventory(Includes Case-Break Functionality), record employee wages, hours, and activity. You can even automate vendor purchase orders with low stock alerts. With our Liquor Store Point of Sale System it’s easy to sell and redeem gift cards. You are also able to track your top selling items and make system-wide changes to your inventory and prices. Our solution also includes advance reporting capability and the option to customize and create your own specific reports. The purpose of our Retail System is to increase your profitability and save you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Brilliant POS can even preload thousands of inventory items to the database for you or you can simply upload a spreadsheet of your exact inventory. Brilliant POS is the perfect fit if you’re opening a new business, adding additional locations, or upgrading to a Point of Sale system for the first time.

  • Fast Checkout
  • Inventory Control
  • Age Verification
  • Purchase Orders
  • Advanced Reporting
  • QuickBooks Financial Integration
  • And Much More!

ID Verification: Our Point of Sale Systems also allows for ID Verification on all items with age restrictions. To help with this our systems have ID Verification Scanners to eliminate error, verses employees reading and typing in the birth dates. You can also scan IDs to populate the built-in Customer Database with the Customer’s information for Reward/Loyalty Programs and Wholesale/Special Pricing.

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Accounting Integration: QuickBooks Financial Software can also be integrated with the software and provide information on the business performance and profits. You can integrate your daily sales summary and know the current financial position of your liquor store at any given time. It can also link inventory, sales, taxes, payroll and more! Making Brilliant’s POS System a complete and comprehensive Solution.

Support: In addition to our advanced software solution, we are industry leaders when it comes to our point of sale services. All of our Systems include 24/7 Support and Live Remote Training. So day or night, weekday or weekend, a Support Technician can insure your business continuously runs smooth. And with a Training Specialist walking you through the software step by step you’ll be up to speed in no time!

Warranty: We only sell new brand name hardware! We specialize in POS-X equipment and we offer a 5-year overnight exchange warranty on it! Meaning if anything goes wrong we will overnight you a replacement and send you a shipping label to send the original part back. This way we can limit any downtime so you business can continue to operate with minimal disruptions.

If you have any questions about the Solutions we offer or to get a customized proposal specific for your location, give our Product Advisors a call today! We are happy to help!
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