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Customer Displays

Customer Display

LCD Customer Display

7″ LCD Color Customer Display. Deliver multi-media messages with compatible software. With a high 500:1 contrast ration and WVGA 800 x 480 optimal resolutions, the screen assures clear visibility for this small-sized LCD module

Pole Display

POS-X Customer Pole Display

Customer Pole Display, USB

LCD Display

POS-X Integrated LCD Customer Display

Integrated 8.4″ Rear LCD, VGA

VFD Display

POS-X Integrated VFD Customer Display

Integrated Rear VFD, Serial

When it comes to customer displays there are quite a few options to choose from. There is of course, the standard pole display. This will allow you to show your customers the price and total as you ring up their order. However, as technology keep advancing the full color LCD displays are becoming the most commonly purchased display. When you purchase the LCD full color display you have the ability to run advertisement campaigns known as digital signage. This depends on the POS software you are using and if it has the capability of such functions. All of the software we sell does come with the option to operate a full color display. The Aldelo for Restaurants requires a media display software that needs to be purchased in order to operate the full color displays. Once running the LCD display you are able to show upcoming sales, promotional items, and other marketing programs you are running. If you have an specific questions about the display options, please contact one of our sales advisors at 855-515-7510.