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Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) – QuickServe Point of Sale Software Solution

Restaurant Pro Express is a Touch Screen operated restaurant Point of Sale software designed for quick and easy order taking, customer loyalty/gift card tracking, efficient order taking with customized kitchen print routing and advanced security. The result of a solution of this caliber is simplicity (less training time for employees), more business traffic and loyal customers, accurate accounting and financial controls that equals more profitability!



Simple to Learn


Restaurant Pro Express is very functional, yet simple. The systems can come with drivers and software already installed to save you a lot of time. Set up is a breeze with the user manual and easy setup prompts. You can train your servers in as little as a minute to place orders and close out checks, and the user-friendly touch screen interface with easily guide them through every transaction so they can place their order quickly and accurately. You can also receive a live training session to quickly learn all of the feature you’ll need to know, like how to enter your menu, run reprots, configure employees and many other functions.  The system is designed to make checkout faster and easier so your customers will be happy and your restaurant will run smoothly. RPE has integrated processing for credit, debit, gift cards and tips and can process a card in 2-3 seconds. This will cut down on your lines and wait time considerably.

Keep Track of Inventory, Recipes, and Ingredients


An integrated inventory and ingredient tracking feature is included with Restaurant Pro Express. This enables you to track your inventory and reduce theft, waste, spoilage and discrepancies saving you money. Each item sold is automatically deducted from your inventory and you will be notified when you need to reorder items so you’ll never run out again. There are many other features that come with RPE such as built-in purchase order system to maintain a list of pricing and vendors and the ability to track recipes, ingredients, profit margins and item costs just to name a few.

Detailed Reporting For Better Insight


Detailed reporting is one of the most important features of a point of sale system. Restaurant Pro Express is programmed to provide the most useful reports for our customers so you can stay on top of your costs, inventory and sales figures. You can easily choose the type of report you want to see and the time frame you need data from. You can also see reports by cashier id, store number, customer, department, item or vendor. These reports can give you detailed summaries of your sales, costs, performance, profits, number of customers and more.

Marketing: Gift and Loyalty


Loyalty programs and marketing are some of the most effective ways to keep customers loyal and attract new customers to your business. Restaurant Pro Express gives you the ability to implement rewards programs and offer discounts whenever you want. These programs are made easy to track with our system as well. Have customers sign up for rewards cards and you will have purchase details of each customer, easy customer lookup, automatic tracking a reward dispensing, frequent visitor discounts and much more.

Fulfill Orders and Manage Your Kitchen


Restaurant Pro Express will make it easy to improve the speed and efficiency of your kitchen with detailed performance statistics and order display capabilities. Orders can be sent and printed from kitchen printers or displayed on monitors for staff to review. If you have monitors or printers at each food preparation station menu items can be configured to go to one or more of these stations. This system ensures the quality and accuracy of every order fulfilled and eliminates misinterpretation and improper preparation of food orders.

Reduce Theft and Lower Costs


Since employee theft is usually the largest cause of shrinkage, it is important to monitor employee activity in your restaurant. Restaurant Pro Express makes it easy to track each transaction to find discrepancies and ensure that employees are accountable for their actions. An integrated time clock also helps track employee hours and breaks and ensures that you are appropriately staffed so you are not wasting money.

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Additional Features




After a menu item is selected, the server/cashier will be prompted to select the modifiers for that item. The server/cashier is walked through the selections one at a time, leaving no room for error. Modifiers can be forced, meaning they must be selected or optional. You can configure modifier groups to allow more than one selection when applicable (such as toppings on a hamburger).

Bar Tabs


Restaurant Pro Express easily allows customers to open a bar tab by swiping a credit card. This saves time by not having to store credit cards behind the bar, it also cuts down on misplaced credit cards.



Using coupons as a marketing tool is a proven method for creating repeat business from your customer base. Offer several promotions including percentage discounts, buy 1 get 1 free and other time sensitive sales promotions to generate repeat business from existing customers.

Labor Scheduling


Restaurant Pro Express features a labor scheduler making it simple to schedule employees for work. The interface makes it easier to schedule and also offers a quick snapshot of how many employees are working as well as what job roles they are working that day. Schedules can be printed for employees or copied from previous weeks so they don’t have to be recreated from scratch. A Labor Cost Percentage Report helps business owners make more informed decisions regarding how much labor to schedule.

Purchase Orders


Creating purchase orders in Restaurant Pro Express is fast and simple! Our detailed purchase ordering functionality enables users to assign a vendor, set reorder levels and quantities for each item. In addition, items can be ordered individually or by the case.

Low Stock Alerts


Restaurant Pro Express helps to ensure you never experience stock outages. Each item that gets sold automatically adjusts the store’s inventory levels. RPE can be set up to alert you when inventory reaches a predefined level to trigger a reminder to reorder. Simply set up RPE to automatically reorder items when inventory reaches a certain level.

Multiple Menus


Menus can be configured for breakfast, lunch and dinner. RPE automatically switches between menus on a schedule. Users are also able to manually switch to a different menu at anytime. The multiple menu function works with holiday menus as well. For example, a St. Patricks Day menu can be planned and programmed in advance for March 17th; the menu will automatically turn on and off at the correct times.

Comps and Voids


Managers may need to comp an item for a customer or void an incorrectly ordered item. Comps and voids are permission based exceptions that require a reason code to be selected. All exceptions are listed on the Operational Exceptions report with the server ID, date, time, and reason code.

Customer Receipts


You may have a receipt print for every customer, or set it to prompt before printing a receipt. You are also able to email receipts, and print gift receipts as well.

Credit Cards


Eliminate long lines and speed up order processing at the point-of-sale. RPE offers integrated transaction processing for credit, debit and gift cards including tips.

Time Clock


The integrated time clock functionality allows employees to punch in and out of any of the POS workstation. Use ID cards to eliminate “buddy punching”. Supervisors can quickly correct or input forgotten time clock entries. Our time clock software also offers comprehensive reporting that makes processing payroll easier.

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