A Few of Our Retail POS Features:

  • Faster Checkouts

  • Track Your Inventory

  • Extensive Reporting

  • Customer Loyalty & Gift Cards

  • Employee Maintenance: Reduce Your Costs

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Brilliant POS offers a wide range of Retail Point of Sale systems customizable to your specific business. From small one location stores to large multi-store chains, we offer the perfect solution. Our retail POS system is designed to increase efficiency and accuracy. Lowering your operational cost, and giving you full inventory management. With this easy to use solution you can track inventory, customer loyalty, and employee hours/activity. In addition, you can  manage labor scheduling and generate advanced detailed reports. Here are some the industries we specialize in; liquor and wine stores, convenience stores, grocery and supermarkets, clothing and apparel stores, dollar and discount stores, tobacco and cigar shops, as well as many others. A few additional features include:

      • Touch Screen Operated
      • Create Your Own Barcodes
      • Free Gift Card Processing
      • ID Verification
      • Coupons and Discounts
      • On-House Accounts/Layaway
      • Web Portal for Multi-location Management

With our Retail POS, retailers will benefit by the ability to reduce theft. Only allow your employees to access what you would like them to have access to in the point of sale system. Attract more customers with loyalty programs targeting what will motivate them to come back. Run over 70 different reports including profits, expenses, and payroll. There are so many great features of our Retail Point of Sale, check out the video below. Or call to speak with a product advisor to find out more about what we have to offer. You will also find industry specific pages on our website that have helpful info regarding your specific business type.

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There are countless advantages to upgrading from a cash register to a retail POS system. Having insight into where to make changes within your business is one important key to being successful. As trends change and customers buying habits are altered you need to know what items are going to bring you the most sales. Knowing your top selling items and what’s not selling is a must. Stay on top of your game with a point of sale system from Brilliant POS. If you have any questions or would like a customized proposal specific to your business type, please feel free to contact one of our retail experts.

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