A Few of Our Supermarket POS Features:

  • Sell Items By Weight
  • Extremely Fast Transactions
  • Full Inventory Control
  • Very User-Friendly
  • Customer Accounts/Gift/Loyalty
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Our Supermarket POS System is configured to handle your store’s high volume inventory and transaction frequency. Allow your cashiers to weigh and ring up any item quickly and easily. Keep track of your inventory and find out what are the best and worst selling items. You can also use gift cards, customize loyalty plans, and manage employee wages and hours. The omni-direction and area imaging barcode scanners allow you to scan broken/unreadable barcodes at any angle. You may use existing barcodes or create your own customized labels and shelf tags. The barcode printing software allows you to print your own labels and shelf tags. A few more features:

  • Quick Checkout
  • Advanced Inventory Control
  • Age Verification
  • Automated POs
  • Advanced Reporting – Over 70 Reports!
  • QuickBooks Accounting Integration
  • Just to name a few!

Enable the supermarket point of sale system to prompt your employees to check an ID for age restricted products or force them to input the customers birth date. Require them to enter a birth date, or just hit ok. Set re-order levels for inventory items. Then create PO’s based off of these levels, or run reports to see what’s low-stock. In addition to our advanced software solution, we are industry leaders when it comes to our hardware and services. All of our market POS systems include 24/7 Support and we offer a 5 year overnight replacement warranty on our hardware!

Our product specialists who are readily available will give you the right advice on what kind of point of sale system that suits your business. The versatility of the software ensures that your business will be able to utilize a tailor-made solution that caters for every need of the operation and customers in a satisfactory and highly efficient manner. So give our product advisor a call today for any questions, to customize a Supermarket POS proposal specific for your business, and do a demonstration of the pos software.
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