A Few of Our Yogurt POS Features:

  • Touch Screen POS
  • Integrated Scale/Sell By Weight
  • Customer Loyalty/Gift Cards
  • Fast Transactions
  • Easy to Use
  • Time Clock
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Brilliant POS provides a complete Frozen Yogurt POS Solution for our customers. Our full touch screen design will give you the speed, reliability, and efficiency that your business needs to grow. Our Yogurt Point of Sale systems also come standard with fully integrated scales so your customers can weigh and pay! In addition, our software has features like:

  • Built-in Customer Loyalty
  • Reward incentives
  • Free Gift Card processing
  • In-house Accounts
  • Quick and easy Special & Discount setup
  • And much more!

Quickly ring up orders on the touch screen. Offer customer loyalty programs to gain repeat business. The gift card processing is free, and the customers can use their gift card as a loyalty card. Have detailed reporting to see when you’re selling the most, and what changes you need to make. It doesn’t get any easier than the POS system we offer for yogurt shops. Your employees will be able to clock in and out. And you can create their schedules within the system, and limit their clock in/out times accordingly. There are security settings you can set to allow different levels of access to the system. That way you can limit who is able to make changes in the point of sale system. In addition, all of our POS for Yogurt solutions include FREE 24×7 Tech Support and a 5 yr Overnight Hardware Replacement Warranty!

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