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April 1st, 2013 ngillespie

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With the modernization of the computer technology industry Convenience Stores have been upgrading their older Cash Register Systems for Complete Point of Sale Systems. Control and visibility are some of the essential features of a Convenience POS that are driving this demand for change. Specifically, inventory Control. Having complete accountability for every single product that you sell in your c-store, when it sold, and how many you have left on the shelf is a priority. With the control offered by a c-store pos you’ll be able to monitor shrinkage, reorder automatically from your vendors in a timely manner, track damages/overages/shortages, etc.

In addition to Convenience Store Inventory  Control, having visibility for each point of sale cashier is key to minimizing theft and mistakes, in turn saving your lots of money. Each employee will have their own unique log in credentials where they can either type their ID or swipe the touchscreen with a employee ID card. In addition, each employee will have an associated permission level you set, so every convenience store pos transaction is recorded.

Another great feature of a complete convenience pos solution is the new touchscreen technology. No more mouse and keypad to slow you down or get in the way. Simple scan and swipe. Or for more advance features like in-house accounts, recalling invoices, refunds, etc just touch and go! In addition, virtual keypads are available by double clicking the screen for more data entry operations.

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