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April 1st, 2013 ngillespie

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Choosing a liquor store, wine shop, or beer store as your business will pose unique challenges that many other retailers will not face. One of the major challenges is choosing a liquor store POS system that is designed specifically to meet the demands of this industry, Some of the unique requirements of a Liquor POS are advanced inventory management with case break and buyback functionality, Age verification & ID Scanners, Customer Accounts with options for Wholesale pricing, detailed reports specific to Departmental Sales to separate Beer/Wine & Liquor Sales for State and Federal regulations. Just to name a few.

Liquor Store Point of Sale Solutions will also need to handle the large quantity of similar inventory and distinguish items by year and volume. To help with your Liquor Inventory Management a handheld inventory device allowing for mobile inventory control is essential. A top liquor Point of Sale should provide the ability to perform shelf counts, cycle counts, generate discrepancy reports, add/receive inventory, and update stock levels all without tying up your terminals or even back-office computer system. So for the power of the Liquor Store Point of Sale at your fingertips our advanced Handheld Inventory Device is the perfect fit! All this at some of the lowest prices you’ll find on todays market!

If you are starting up a new Liquor Store, expanding your existing store, or opening additional locations, Brilliant POS has one of the most advanced and reliable solutions available in the market today. With Support and Warranty features you will not find anywhere else.

So to find out more about our advanced Liquor Point of Sale Solution give our Specialists a call today! They are ready to answer any questions you may have, customize a Point of Sale specific to your location(s), and walk you through the POS Software and show you how it works.

To learn more about this incredible Solution give us a call! 855-515-7510

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