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April 22nd, 2013 ngillespie

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Brilliant POS specializes in fully customizable Boutique POS Solutions for the retail point of sale industry. One of the most important features of a clothing and accessory Point of Sale Solution is Inventory control. With Brilliant POS our Boutique Point of Sale has a inventory matrix designed to track size and color to make selling and reorder of your supplies fast and simple. This solution will let you know when your stock levels are getting low and will even generate POs for your Vendors automating the Inventory Purchasing and Receiving aspect of your business.

In addition, the Boutique software has a completely touch interface so your checkout is even faster. Simply scan or touch and swipe and the customer is on their way. Credit Card Processing is completely integrated to the Processor of your choice. Except any credit card, debit, EBT, and even gift card for free.

This Boutique Point of Sale Solution also has a built in Customer Database with Loyalty and Reward Tracking to incent your customers to keep coming back. The Advanced Reporting feature will let you generate over 70 different reports and even create your own custom reports!

If your Boutique has multi locations our Point of Sale Solution can also link your stores together so you can manage them from anywhere in the World. You just need an Internet connection. You’ll have access to Inventory, Reports, Employees, Customers, and more all real-time!

Also, if you would like to link your Website to your Boutique Store Point of Sale we have a full ecommerce solution for Inventory Tracking, Online Orders, Etc. So we’ll integrated your website with your POS Software!

For more information on our Boutique POS, give our Product Advisors a call today. They are happy to answer any questions, customize a POS Proposal specific to your location, and walk through the Point of Sale Software with you to show your how it works. We’re here to help!

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