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April 24th, 2013 ngillespie

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The QuickServe Restaurant Point of Sale Solution provides a comprehensive, well thought-out, quick and straightforward system of service and administration. In comparison to the competition, our QuickServe Solution stands out as the easiest Point of Sale application to use. The simple interface allows for training within a minute to check out customers and place orders. You can design your graphics with pictures, colors or both with the touchscreen interface. Adopting the Cafe POS system ensures an efficient approach to customer service and increase in sales volumes as well as profitability. It is packed with features and retails at an affordable price for most cafes. It has the most advanced and feature rich design in the market offering a high level of customer satisfaction. Our POS Systems will turn your business around by introducing high quality service in your café.

Café operators will benefit from the brilliant Café POS System in numerous ways. It adds value and efficiency to your business by saving on time and money through the tracking of employees and inventory as well as the provision of high speed credit card processing. This will give you the opportunity to employ coupon and rewards programs among other things. Management of your business will be simplified because the Cafe Point of Sale will store information in one location.

There are many facilities that accompany the Cafe POS. These include the removal of shrinkage and waste through precise inventory tracking and alerts when stock levels are low. An integrated time clock ensures savings by keeping employees accountable while being able to track discrepancies on the part of any member of staff through employee id. Other salient features on offer are remote store management; generation of over 70 varied and customized reports; payroll management; free gift card processing and setting of alerts for low stock levels.

QuickServe touch screen point of sale systems give you the ability to fly through order entry while you can use any color or pictures on the buttons as it is fully customizable. It all depends on what is most suitable to your business. In doing so, you are able to reduce errors on ordering because employees can familiarize themselves with images in a shorter period of time. Our POS hardware and services are unmatched in the industry and are covered by round the clock support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Conversely, we issue a 5 year replacement warranty on the hardware within a day.

Contact our sales team today for more information on our Point of Sale systems to discover the additional features that the software has on offer.

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