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April 24th, 2013 ngillespie

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A grocery’s high transaction frequency and high volume stock is best handled by our Grocery Store POS Software Cash Register Express. This system is designed to meet your specific needs in relation to the products that you sell and orders received. The POS for Grocery enables you to locate the fast and slow moving items within the store’s inventory as you keep track of it while making it easy for cashiers to and ring up any item quickly. Conversely, you are able to mange your human resources by monitoring hours worked and corresponding wages. Other facilities include the provision to customize loyalty plans and use gift cards. Bar code printing software with omni-direction is an integrated feature that facilitates the reading of broken or unreadable bar codes while the printing software gives you the option of printing your own bar codes and shelf tags.

The Cash Register Express is potent software that is simple and straightforward to use, Perfect for a Grocery POS Solution. Profitability for retailers is increased because of salient features that include aggressive marketing to customers in relation to buying habits; management of human resources; reduction or elimination of shrinkage; precision in inventory tracking as well as quicker customer checkout. An additional functionality is the detailed business reporting templates that come with this Grocery POS which caters for all the different types of retailers in the market.

Additional salient features include and are not limited to integration with the market leading Quickbooks Accounting Software that allows for flexibility in financial reporting by merging all the necessary reports that are essential to knowing the true and overall financial health of your business; over 70 advanced reports that provide the different perspectives of performance; purchase orders that are highly automated improving on accuracy and reducing the time consuming process of reordering; verification of age for customers; state-of-the-art stock control as well as a rapid checkout process.

Other facilities that are incorporated in the software provide the Grocery POS system with the function to prompt your employees to check an ID for age restricted products with an option to key in the age or go ahead; place reorder levels and make orders; creation of purchase orders when the levels reach the set point of restocking as well as production of reports containing details of stock levels. Over and above these facilities, Brilliant POS is an industry leader in POS Systems and services and provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers a 5 year replacement warranty that is responded to within a day.
Our product advisors are always at hand to advise you on how and where to customize the Grocery Point of Sales system. Feel free to contact them any time.

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