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April 24th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Brilliant POS provides many benefits to running a Point of Sale System by saving you money while facilitating efficiency in work carried out by your staff and keeping track of everything you need for your business. The highly customized Pizza POS implements customer loyalty plans and tracks employee hours as well as wages including ordering supplies, tracking inventory in addition to speeding up credit card transactions. All data is kept in a central location that is easily accessible allowing you to make easy decisions that eliminate waste an enhance efficiency.

These Pizza Point of Sale systems have more features than the aforementioned that you can discover by contacting our product specialists who will provide the appropriate POS for your Pizzeria. The versatility of the software provides solutions to most clients.

The Pizza POS is the solution to improvement in speed and efficiency. It enables you to track your inventory with more accuracy while providing a quicker platform for orders and deliveries. Credit card processing is done quickly and easily whereas customer retention is guaranteed through coupons, gift cards and customer loyalty programs. Pizzeria POS systems deliver payroll solutions by tracking employees’ hours and wages removing the burden of introducing additional human resource applications to monitor staff. Maintenance of accurate business records is a breeze and this gives you the ability to assess business performance via the printing of detailed and customize reports without having to install an accounting system at additional cost. This would require additional staff as well and result in an increase in your recurrent expenditures.

Other salient features include Mapping Integration Support For Visual Map and Turn-By-Turn Directions; Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive Through, and Delivery; Specialized Pizza Builder That Makes Customizing Orders Simple to decipher; Rapid & Resourceful Kitchen & Prep Station print routing; Complete Stock Control and Back Office Management as well as 100% Touch Operation.

Pizza POS allows for the customization of Pizza orders. Be it quarters, halves or even thirds. Phone numbers for incoming calls are displayed in a caller ID box on the screen. The touch screen interface enables you to touch the number and automatically create an account fir the customer. The POS can be linked to your website allowing for orders to be taken online and received via a link to the Point of Sale. Additional integration services include the development of a new website by the dealer or the creation of a link to an existing one. The software can be used on mobile devices as well such as smartphones allowing you to take orders from remote locations and keep track of the on goings at the Pizzeria. Our hardware and services are the leading brand in the industry and we provide support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to our clients including a 5 year replacement warranty that guarantees new hardware within a day.

The sales team is always available to support your needs and will assist you to find the most suitable application for you business operation.

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