Most Popular POS System for Liquor Store

May 3rd, 2013 ngillespie

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The most popular POS System for liquor Stores is the BrilliantPOS Solution. This is because it offers the most comprehensive set of features at the best price in the market and is backed by a 5 year overnight replacement warranty and a dedicated customer service that is available every day all round the year. This has resulted in it becoming a market leader in this segment. It is also backed with the most advanced hardware that makes it convenient to use resulting in an increase of speed, efficiency and profitability. As such, liquor store owners that use this system gain a competitive edge in the business by staying a step ahead of the rest of the pack.

Features available include electronic orders, operational management, website shopping, tracking of inventory as well as customers; human resource management; bookkeeping; automated price updates and creation of purchase orders and integrated electronic payment system. In addition to these there are a variety of facilities that the system has incorporated under the following.

A customer may request a refund even though he or she may have lost or misplaced the receipt. With the liquor POS management system, you can call up electronic receipts to verify the claim and ascertain whether the customer’s claim is valid because of the available database.

You may receive a bulk order which can only be handled directly from the warehouse. The POS can send the details of the order and delivery to the warehouse fore quick delivery to the extent that, the customer will find the items delivered on arriving home.

Individual credits or discounts can be given to customers with the aid of the customer database without taking up much time as the system is able to make these entries on a piecemeal basis.

Checkout process
The checkout process becomes quick and efficient due to the quick touchscreen interface available and the ability to use credit or debit cards with the integrated electronic cash processing system. This cuts down on the long lines that are normally associated with this process allowing for higher volumes of traffic with little or no congestion and an increase in sales activity.

Customer satisfaction
An improvement in the quality of service leads to a happier lot of customers. This improves the image of you r business and attracts customers to visit your liquor store on a more frequent basis. When this occurs, you will experience higher sales volumes and increased profitability as well as more effective customer retention.

Audit trail
With all the integrated accounting features in place, your system will maintain financial records through the use of the Quickbooks accounting software that caters for every aspect regarding transactions. The periodical financial reports are easy to print out and analyze giving you details of the current position at any given time.

Cashflow Management
This POS system can enhance your cash flow management by keeping track of debtors and creditors the prompt payments from customers and commitment to deadlines for payments set by creditors.

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