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May 5th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Liquor Store Management Software has been designed with the purpose to provide convenience in operation through efficiency and speed resulting in savings of time and money. This Liquor POS enables you to reduce operational costs by automating purchase orders through low stock notifications, management and supervision of employees and maintaining accurate records of stock. Moreover, the redemption and sale of gift cards is easy. You are able to adjust prices along with your inventory through the tracking of your best and worst selling items. In order to monitor your business performance, the system has an integrated reporting system that allows you to create reports that are customizable. This provides you with the opportunity to focus on the core activities of your business operation by increasing profitability through saving time. A preloading function allows you to put thousands of items to your database with the option of importing your preexisting list onto the database as well. This liquor software is a versatile package that is applicable to start-ups, expanding business operations or upgrading to incorporate a new POS system.

Due to the risks that are run selling liquor products, the system enables you to carry out verification of ID on all items that have an age restriction for consumption. This is aided by ID Verification Scanners that reduce the margin of error as opposed manual entry of reading and typing birth dates.

Over and above the aforementioned qualities of this Liquor POS Software Cash Register Express solution, there are other salient features that include and are not limited to the following.
Rapid Checkouts

Using a bar code scanner reduces the time taken to ring up items. There is also the added benefit of a touchscreen that enhances efficiency. The Cash Register Express Professional and Credit Card Processing Integration allows you to swipe cards and complete transactions in as little as 3 seconds and billing includes taxation as well. This means that customers will not be held up in the queue and your sales volumes will increase.

The cash Register Express incorporates various security functions that curb theft and discrepancies enabling you to track discrepancies right down to the time and cashier in charge at that point in time. These facilities allow you to prevent theft of your inventory which is costly as well and include restrictions imposed on areas such as price changes, voids, no sales and discounts.
Employee Management

This is a key factor of production in retailing. Labour is a recurrent expense that is usually the highest form of expense within the operational budget. As such, there is a need to track wages in relation to hours worked. Integrated functions of this solution include a time clock that features a clocking in and out module as well as reports that provide a summary dealing with the number of hours worked vis-à-vis wages. In this way you can monitor the employees regarding punctuality and irregular working hours.

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