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May 6th, 2013 ngillespie

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Liquor POS Support is essential to any business owner that wants to ensure seamless delivery of products and services to customers in an efficient, quick and organized way so as to maximize profits by improving performance.

Brilliant POS is a market leader in this field with superior services and hardware. This includes customer support that provides 24 hour a day and 7 day a week service backed by a 5-year overnight exchange warranty on all POS-X hardware.
The benefits of the software cannot be understated and include the following.

This is retail management software that gives you a great return on investment because of its ability to increase profits.

The Liquor POS enables you to control and set prices of every item in stock, thereby reducing the incidence of errors. It also works out the actual cost of discounts that you make allowing you to match the number of items that require to be sold on offering a particular percentage discount.

This solution can carry out complex calculations and estimates on what price you can sell items in order to maximize profits irrespective of a variance in price. This is by making an analysis of sales records.

Minimize redundant stock to maximize turnover
You can track movement of inventory and get a report on the best and worst selling items. This will help you in sourcing for items that are bound to maximize your turnover and result in an increase in profits at the lowest possible cost.

Curb theft
It is easy to identify any discrepancies or theft due to the analysis of reports that provide information on deleted, cancelled or voided sales as well as stock control and daily revenues. Once you train your employees to understand the operation of the software, it will help reduce the likelihood of theft borne out of the fear to be caught because of the control measures that are in place.

Vital information
It is possible to identify a situation where sales are suspended or start in real time. This will assist you in identifying the problem and taking remedial measures either by restocking or adjusting prices so to be in line with forces of supply and demand.

You may receive payment in the form of a cheque and require verification. This system can be linked to an online electronic cheque verification service to help you minimize the possibility of being cheated on payment. These services have improved rates of collection by as much as 80% for retailers.

Better Rates
Once you have the information regarding the movement of stock, it can help you negotiate for lower prices from suppliers because of data that can indicate a higher sales volume resulting in a higher profit margin. When your supplier is aware, they will want to corner a larger share of the market to increase profits and this will allow the both of you to increase sales by lowering prices and maximizing profits.

Customer Retention
You are able to carry out sales promotions by using a loyalty reward program or by issuing gift cards. This ensures a higher volume of sales from your regular customers.

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