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May 10th, 2013 ngillespie

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Over and above the basic cash register system, the Coffee POS stays ahead of the competition by providing features and facilities that are second to none including a modern touchscreen interface that is customizable allowing for ease of use and increased sales volumes while reducing congestion in your coffee shop. This ensures customer satisfaction at a relatively competitive price and enables you to monitor your business performance in a variety of ways that lets you stay up to date on every vital aspect of your operational capacity. The introduction of vital facilities to the point of sales system creates a new dimension in Coffee shop management resulting in the commercial success of the end user.

Such advancements offer the benefits of being able to monitor performance of the best and worst selling items on the menu as well as the tracking of ingredients within the inventory including the assessment of staff performance through hours worked and wages due. It also makes it convenient to identify customers to be rewarded for their loyalty to the brand. Add a dedicated customer support to the package and most of the challenges that lie ahead are taken care of in advance. The following are some of the key features and benefits that can be highlighted by adopting the use of the Coffee POS solution for day to day operations in the short, medium and long terms.

Kitchen Management

Orders can be displayed in the kitchen through the use of monitors or printed before being conveyed to the kitchen. This reduces the time taken to take up the orders while guaranteeing accuracy on the part of the cashier.

Integrated inventory and ingredient tracking

This point of sales system acts as a safeguard against theft, discrepancies and shrinkage while cutting down on waste and spoilage. Stocks are adjusted to reflect the current position after sales and minimal reorder levels can be set with the option of automatic ordering of depleted stock.


Once an order on the menu is taken, modifications can be made to add or remove certain ingredients like accompanying salads or toppings. This is done through continuous prompts as the menu is being filled in for a particular order, enhancing the customization of the recipe on the spot while reducing the likelihood of errors.


You are able to open a bar tab as a customer that helps reduce the incidence of misplaced credit cards or piling them up. As such when the order is complete, the tab is closed and the final billing and payment is processed.


This Coffee POS can produce vouchers that are a very effective marketing tool in order to retain a strong customer base. There are various options of sales promotions that can be used via the software in order to boost sales including the time sensitive kind.

Complimentaries and Voiding of Bills

At times your shop may be required to offer a complimentary to a customer because of a mistake or error on the part of the establishment. At the same time orders may be cancelled. Such actions require permissions and details that can be set by the use of a code. This is a key feature in the software.

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