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May 16th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Gift Shop POS is the perfect solution for the easy management of your store because of the convenience, ease of use, speed and efficiency that it introduces in the day to day running of your business. Training of staff is limited to a couple of seconds and the touchscreen interface ensures shorter lines of customers who are waiting to be served or make payments for items. Moreover, it can be configured to cater for items that can be red-flagged in relation to anti-laundering regulation. Other features include an integrated electronic payment system that can handle credit or debit cards as well as cash. Cash receipts can be printed on request though the system can prompt you in order to do so. Tracking of inventory becomes simple with purchase and sales being stored in the system and analyzed through a comprehensive reporting format that is customizable

The Gift Shop POS hardware is extremely reliable and easy to maintain with Brilliant POS providing round the clock support and overnight replacement backed by a five-year warranty. Product solution specialists are readily available to listen to your input regarding system design in order to allow you to adopt a tailor made solution for your store.
These software applications vary from store to store depending on the specific needs of the store owner and the items on sale. Additional benefits derived from using such a system are compiled as follows.

Electronic Orders
You can place orders online because of the inventory tracking facility’s ability to track the movement of inventory during the sales process. Once the minimum stock level is reached, a purchase order is raised and orders can be placed to suppliers and vendors immediately.

General Management
This Gift POS performs the functions of management in a variety of ways. The integrated accounting software takes care of all matters financial including payroll, inventory control and management accounting that involves the tax element. Due to this coordinated approach in design, management of the business operation becomes seamless and informed decisions are made at that level.

You are able to create a database of customers that will allow you to track them in relation to sales and deliveries. In doing so, marketing becomes a breeze as you can embark on various sales promotion activities including loyalty reward programs, print out gift cards and offer different kinds of discounts.

Electronic Verification
Cheques that are issued by customers or debtors can become a grave problem when there are insufficient funds in the debtor’s account. In order to prevent this, the system has been designed to link with the online check verification service that confirms the validity of the account. This has lead to an increase in collections by as much as 80% and increased revenue that is required to settle with creditors promptly.

Automated Processes
The Gift POS software can perform certain function including posting transactions into the general ledger application, posting receipts to journals and accounts payable. Payroll wages can be tabulated in the same way including hours worked based on the time clock.

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