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May 16th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Convenience Point of Sale is application software that provides the necessary management tools for any type of convenience store. This encompasses financial management, inventory control, human resource management and operations. Efficiency, speed and economy are the hallmark of this solution resulting in the maximization of profits through heightened sales activity. As such, it guarantees a more satisfied customer base and provides the opportunity to corner the market more than any other competitor in the POS market. This
has made BrilliantPOS an industry leader in both the software and hardware segments in addition to providing an efficient customer service that is available throughout with a 5-year hardware replacement warranty that is done within 24 hours. Product Advisors are readily available to guide you through the working of the system so that they can customize the application to suit the needs of your specific convenience store. Over and above this, there are a number of features that set this software apart from the normal cash register.

The need for control has lead to an increase in demand for POS systems. The inventory control provided by this application provides accountability for every item on sale in the convenience store. Once sold, each item is automatically depleted in the system leaving you with the actual balance that is on the shelf. This prevents shrinkage, overages and shortages among many other benefits.

Security and Errors
You will save a lot of revenue through the curbing of theft, discrepancies or mistakes. This is guided by the fact that each employee is provided with his or her own login credentials which allows for clocking in and out or card swiping. Permission levels are issued in line with the nature of work carried out by the employee. This introduces restrictions to access to managerial levels that handle more sensitive issues and guarantees additional security in the system.

Speedy Checkouts
With touchscreen technology, the speed at which payments are processed increases greatly and comes down to a matter of seconds on the till. This enhances sales activity and volumes by increasing the flow of customer traffic while reducing congestion. Scanning and swiping add value and reduce the complex process of receiving payment through cash or credit cards.

The owner will be able to monitor all aspects of expenditure and receipts because the software consists of an audit trail as a result of all the different integrated functions that are related to operations. This is a feature that is available throughout the year.

The point of sale system is networked and bulk orders can be made directly from the warehouse while deliveries are made even before the customer arrives home. This is a very efficient and organized process that is incorporated in the application as staff are always at hand to ensure seamless delivery of stock to customers in the quickest possible time.

Customer Satisfaction
The convenience point of sale store application is designed to save you time in customer service while enhancing the quality of delivery. This is a result of the deliberate efforts to make it convenient for both the retailer and customer to complete transactions in a quick manner. This has a positive bearing on your customers who will keep coming back for more items.

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