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May 17th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Pet Point of Sale is advanced software that is used in Pet Stores to manage business operations so as to coordinate functions that include tracking inventory, human resources, accounting and general operations of the store. This is the most popular software application on the market that is matched by quality software. Product Advisors are at hand to guide you through the installation that is customized to suit the needs of your particular store. A touchscreen interface makes serving customers easy and quick while the bar code scanner is a supplementary device that facilitates billing in an efficient manner.

This point of sale is packaged to serve individual customers and large organizations, depending on the movement of goods and services. You can place orders from different locations when the particular pet, product or services is unavailable in sufficient numbers to service the customer. Delivery is also made convenient because of this facility.

There are a number of outstanding features that this application has on offer and here are some of them found as under the Cash Register Express.

Quicker checkouts
With the use of the touchscreen interface or the bar code scanner pricing pets or items will be easy and faster. There are also hot keys for common dollar amounts whereas tax is applied automatically. Payments are simplified through the used of electronic processing for credit or debit cards by simply swiping them through the integrated system.

Curbing Theft
Accountability by employees is increased through the use of a login facility that tracks the activities of each and every employee as well as different user permissions that restrict access at different levels. This reduces discrepancies and theft as managers can assist staff when errors are committed as opposed to adjustments being made on sales or no sales, discounts and many other price setting and sales activities by the same employees receiving the cash or payments and taking orders.

You can retain customers by introducing reward and loyalty programs through this application. This is possible through direct marketing that features loyalty cards as a way to reward shoppers making frequent purchases and various discounts like shopper or birthday discounts.

Stock Control
The state of the art inventory control module keeps track of your stock in order to prevent shrinkages, shortages, discrepancies and waste. In doing so, you will be able to follow the movement of items and pets as well as services enabling you to deduce what sells best and what is largely redundant. Whenever a sale is made, stock is automatically depleted bringing balances up to date and allowing you to plan ahead for purchases while you can by time negotiating for a better price.

Reduction of Costs
With a carefully managed labor force, you can monitor hours worked accurately enabling you to calculate wages accordingly. This will also help you to plan schedules including when each member of staff is meant to be on the floor at any given time. It is made possible through the use of a time clock that has a clocking in and out facility. Theft and discrepancies are reduced. Hence, costs are lowered.

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