Choosing The Right POS Liquor Solution

May 19th, 2013 ngillespie

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Choosing the right point of sale for a Liquor Store poses some challenges that are not faced by retailers in other industries. If you do not choose the system that is specifically designated for liquor stores, chances are that it may not work properly. The standard POS system may lack some of the critical features that are required in a retail outlet point of sale. These include the following:

• Advanced inventory management: The inventory management for liquor store outlets should have buyback and case break functionality
• Age verification: it should have ID Scanners and other means of verifying the age of customer. Federal and state laws prohibit the sale of alcohol to minors. The duty of verifying the age of the customer is placed on the seller. The system will help you comply with the law and morals of restricting sale of these products to minors.
• Customer accounts: the POS liquor store system should have customer accounts with wholesale pricing option.
• Detailed reports: it should provide detailed reports that are specific to the departmental sales so as to separate beer and wine and liquor sales in compliance with the federal and state regulations.

The POS for liquor store system should also be capable of handling inventory of large quantity. It should also be capable of distinguishing items by volume and year. Generally, in choosing the system, you should consider the functionality type that is optimal to your business. Most of the stores have medium sized inventory most of which comprises of similar flavors and brands which is distributed in bottles of various sizes.

Market studies show that the liquor/Beer stores, which have inventory management that is built in to their POS system, have better reporting and invent ray control. This is important because it saves the liquor retailers their precious time when they are determining those items that they should re-order so as to maintain their stock. Tracking capabilities and sales history will help you to identify store losses or slow moving items.

There are various options and choices of POS software that you can use in the liquor POS system. The features of inventory management allow the brands and types of products to be grouped together easily. A good site will help the store owner to set the maximum and minimum levels of inventory for every product thereby ensuring that the there are no excessive orders of the products leading to creation of overstock. An integrated card-processing feature will allow for quick check out time with debit card or credit card transactions.

The simple fact that a POS system has the word liquor somewhere in its brand name does not mean that it will work well for your liquor store. Any person can say that their POS system or software will work for liquor and wine stores while it may really not be so. The duty of verifying whether or not the system satisfies your needs lies on you. It is recommended that you go for the POS liquor store system, which has been independently tested and found, to work.

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