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May 21st, 2013 ngillespie

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The Gift Shop POS thrives on its ability to turn your business into a well-organized operation that is profitable and prides itself in quality customer service. Equally, you benefit from the numerous features that are integrated to the Gift Point of Sale that improve the management of finances, labour inventory and sales activities. More so, you are the product solution specialists at BrilliantPOS provide with a tailor-made solution that suits you specific operation and guarantees ease of use and a minimal period of training for your employees. Coupled with this is the ability to provide security by imposing restrictions on employees regarding cash or credit transactions by creating different user levels with varying permissions.

BrilliantPOS is an industry leader not only in software applications but also in the accompanying hardware that comes with a 24 hour a day and 7 days a week 5-year overnight replacement warranty. You can get in touch with customer service for any additional assistance required.

The Gift store is a business that comprises the regular gift items or valuables that are subject to anti-laundering legislation oversight and require clearance. In the latter category, you are able to incorporate modules that categorize such purchases for further scrutiny if need arises.
Using this type of Gift Shop POS application for your business can derive various advantages. They are highlighted under the following features.

Inventory Control

Inventory control is optimized by the use of a tracking system, which monitors what moves in and out of the business operation. You able to know what items are selling best and worst including when to stock in relation to seasonal demand. Further, the system allows you to print out reports that guide you on decisions in relation to sales activity.

Automated Purchase Order

Purchase orders are created on the system have derived information from a preset minimum stock level. This eliminates the possibility of a stock out by placing orders to suppliers and vendors in advance.

Price Updates

You can set the system to perform automatic price updates in advance, for example doing a holiday. Moreover, as costs of supplies increase, factoring the difference allows for an update that retains the net price margin.

Barcode Scanner

The versatility of the Gift Shop POS application incorporates a bar code scanner and reader, which result in reduced time taken in payment processing. The facilities provides the added function of reading damaged or unreadable bar codes while allowing you to create your own codes and print them out.

Debtors and Creditors

One of the functions of the integrated accounting software is the ability to monitors receipts and payments enabling you to request payments on time from debtors while keeping creditors happy with prompt payments.

Human Resource Management

The Gift Point of Sale software incorporates a module that monitors employees through a clock in and out system. This makes it possible to monitor hours worked per employee giving you accurate expenditure on wages paid. You will also know when employees are on the floor at authorized times and if they are on break at the agreed time as well.

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