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May 21st, 2013 ngillespie

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Pet Storeowners are able to make use of the Brilliant POS software solution that caters for their needs. The Pet Point of Sale is an advanced supplication that enhances the management of your Pet store by providing functions that allow you run different departments if your business operation in an efficient, organized and quick way. The developer has been credited as being an industry leader in both software and hardware that is designed to suit your particular Pet Store in a highly competitive environment. Customer support services are excellent and are provided all round the clock, throughout the year with the premium version accompanied by a five-year replacement warranty that replaces faulty hardware within twenty-four hours.

The facilities offers in the Pet Store POS application software are numerous. As such, operations run smoothly with minimal fuss. Employees are trained to operate the touchscreen interface in a matter of seconds whereas obtaining management reports and tracking the movement of inventory is easily incorporated in the system. There are a number of remarkable features and benefits derived from using this software and here are some of them.

Low Stock Level Alerts

The retailing software allows you to configure it in such a way that you can get an alert when the stock level goes below the minimum stock level. This prevents your store from running out of stock while giving you the time to prepare a purchase order making reordering simple and straightforward. Accompanying reports provide you with details of stock movement as well.

Remote Management

You do not have to be in the store to access the system. Login can be done from any location allowing for the uninterrupted flow of work within the store while you monitor the business performance and track inventory, employees and sales activity.

Bar Code Scanning

In addition to the Pet POS touchscreen interface, there is a bar code scanning device that enables you to read codes of items whether damaged or barely readable. Conversely, you can create you own labels and shelf tags and print them out. This enhances the efficiency at the till leading to shorter customer lines at the counter.

Sales Promotion

With this cash register express software, you can embark on sales promotion activities by printing gift cards, offering loyalty reward programs and issuing discounts of various types. These can be customer specific or focused on individual items as well as packages. They can also be determined by volume of sales per item or customer.

Labour Management

Tracking of employees activities is important, as there are different perspectives from which they can be monitored. In order to tabulate wages, it is essential to know the number of hours worked. As such, an integrated time clock allows for the clocking in and out of employees, which verifies the authenticity through individual login details. You can prevent worker from working during unscheduled hours or being away from their stations. Equally, any discrepancies or theft can be traced to the time it occurred and who was at the workstation at that particular time.

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