Tips On How To Choose The Right Retail POS system

May 28th, 2013 ngillespie

Retail POS system is a significant purchase for the business and requires the involvement of careful research so as to find out what is on offer in the market. The research will also help you find out what your needs are. Market studies show that computerized POS system may even help raise sufficient revenues capable of paying for itself in a matter of one or two years. This is possible in those businesses with annual revenues ranging between $700,000 and $900,000. The smaller sized businesses, which have revenues averaging about $400,000 or slightly higher can also reap great benefits from retail Point Of Sale although those benefits may not be direct. Some new businesses even choose to invest in effective solution before they reach the stated levels of annual revenue. Some others even invest in it before they have any revenue of appreciable value.  However, it should be noted that choosing the incorrect Point Of Sale system can cost your business a lot of money which possibly cannot be recovered unless you resell the system. So, how do you go about choosing the right retail management system?  Here below are tips to guide you.

Identify your store’s needs

The first step is to identify your store’s needs. Your focus should be on the unique needs. There are many software packages out there but not all of them are suited to your business. For instance, if you sell liquor, you should research to ensure that you acquire system specially and specifically designed for that purpose. For instance, a Liquor POS system should help the seller or customer attendant verify the age of customer by for example through scanning of swiping drivers license or other document so as to ensure that you do not violate the law of rules that prohibit sale of liquor or alcohol to persons aged less than 21 years.

Purchase the system from one reliable supplier

If it is so possible, you should ensure that you purchase the complete system, that is, hardware, software and service from one trusted supplier. There may be blame game if multiple suppliers are involved in delivering the system. Some suppliers may also offer some discounts if you purchase the entire system from only one supplier.

Develop a budget

Without a budget, you will either make the wrong choice or do impulse buying.  To get value for money, it is good to develop some budget. The Point of Sale systems are available in different models and specifications with different prices.  Do not acquire system with too many features, which you do not need, or a cheap system that lacks most of the features, which you need.

Get a demo:

You should request for demo of the retail management software, which you are considering purchasing. The demo will help you find out how the system operates, whether it is easy to use, and whether it has all the features that you need.  In general, you should acquire the system, which not only meets the present needs but also the projected needs in the future.

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