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May 29th, 2013 ngillespie

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BrilliantPOS software is an established developer of point of sale systems and hardware. This has earned them the reputation of being the industry leader in the field with a variety of software applications that fir the bill. Among them is the Convenience Store POS that is the top ranked system for convenience stores. This is an advanced system that caters for the management of your store so as to create an environment that is east to work in while keeping track of business operations. The benefits derived from employing this retailing application include faster checkouts, customer databases that are utilized for sales promotions, financial management, inventory control as well as payroll.

Equally, Brilliant POS is up to the task of designing tailor- made solutions for individual storeowners that suit their Convenience POS needs. The customer support is second to none and offers live training to employees taking as little as a minute. A comprehensive back up package consists of a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service year round that includes a 5-year replacement warranty on hardware that is executed with a day. The following are some of the numerous benefits derived from employing this brilliantly designed software.

Remote Management

Among the outstanding features found in the system is the ability to access it from a different location without disrupting the normal flow of work. This allows you to manage the affairs of the store in a seamless, cost effective way resulting in an increase in revenue.

Paperless Refunds

Handling a complaint or refund in an appropriate way ensures customer retention. Once in a while, you may encounter one who has misplaced the receipt. This retail management software stores a record of all purchases thereby allowing you to call up a copy if need arises. This will help in assisting you customer and contribute to customer retention.

Customer Relationship Management Compatibility

The C-Store Point of Sale software is designed to be compatible with Customer Relationship Management Software, which allows you access to databases that have all the details of the customer. This provides vital information required for marketing campaigns and sales promotions that will contribute to customer retention generating higher sales and profitability.

 Improved Rates from Suppliers

With the Convenience Store POS you can track differences between profit margin and sales volumes to identify the brand of items that are selling the most or least. This information will grant you the opportunity to renegotiate purchase prices with suppliers where need arises.

Redundant Stock

In tracking the movement of inventory, you are able to identify which stock is not moving and for what reasons. If it is due to seasonal demand, for example, you will be in a position to plan your purchases ahead of time knowing when to stock certain items and when not to.

Comprehensive Reporting

This system has an integrated reporting module that issues over 70 reports. Equally, you can customize any report in order to suit you requirements. This will give you a good idea of the business performance allowing you to adjust marketing strategies and any other functions to increase profitability.

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