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May 29th, 2013 ngillespie

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As a Gift Shop owner, BrilliantPOS offers the Gift Point of Sale that is a solution to the organized and smooth running of the business operation. With all the valuables in the store this software helps you keep track of inventory by using an advance system that assists you in monitoring the movement of every item. Conversely, tracking of employees becomes easy because all the information in relation to wages and hours worked is stored in your computer. Keeping track of your profit margins is convenient as you discover items that are top selling and take note of stock that is redundant. Customer retention is ensured by providing incentives which include loyalty and gift cards as well as coupons and the implementation of sales prices. This system will meet whatever requirements you have in your retail store.

A key feature of the Gift POS software is the ease of use associated with it. Employees are easily trained in a very short period of time. You can either scan barcodes or enter information via the touchscreen. There is also a facility that allows you to print your own bar codes as an alternative to using the pre-existing ones. This advanced software solution is backed by industry leading hardware and services that include round the clock customer’s support and a 5-year overnight replacement warranty on BrilliantPOS hardware.

Other than the aforementioned features, there are many benefits that are derived from using this retailing system that are highlighted as follows.

Employee Time Clock

An integrated employee time clock allows you to keep track of employees and hours worked by enabling you to calculate the wages based on input. This has the benefit of detecting any unauthorized leave or clocking in and out without express permission from the employer.

Advanced Reporting

This gift point of sale software comes with a comprehensive reporting system that enables the Gift Store owner to stay informed on any critical financial, inventory, human resource and sales activities. You can select any report and customize to focus on any given period of your interest. The information so derived will assist you in planning ahead by developing a budget and strategy based on actual figures.

Reorder Alerts and Purchase Order Generations

An essential feature that this software has to offer is the ability to place orders automatically once the preset reorder level is reached. This is done through the processing of a Purchase Order that is forwarded to suppliers or vendors. This eliminates the possibility of stock outage and enhances the smooth flow of items to customers resulting in consistent sales and revenue.

Financial Management

You are able to manage the accounts of your gift store through the use of an integrated accounting system which incorporates all the financial aspects of the business including transactions, creditors, debtors and many more. As such you can track the performance of the business on a daily basis and present annual reports whenever the need arises.

Electronic Payments

With the integrated payment processing system, you are able to receive payment via credit or debit cards in addition to cash. This process takes as little as 3 seconds resulting in the elimination of long lines at the counter and an increase in sales activity.

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