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June 3rd, 2013 ngillespie

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There are various Point of Sales systems that are available on the market. BrilliantPOS systems offer a broad range of these applications comes under the categories of WaveSoft, Restaurant Point of Sale System, Aldelo POS and Cash Register Express. Some of the common features they provide include electronic cash registers, scanners and weighing machines. A point of sales system is therefore, an integration of hardware devices and software for the purpose of completing a retail transaction. These systems are a useful tool for business operations management in small and medium scale retail outlets.

Some of the features that POS systems have include inventory control, labour and wages, security, management, accounting, delivery, operations, sales and marketing. It is essential to work with the BrilliantPOS Product Advisors to so as to develop a tailor-made solution for you particular business.

The aforementioned categories each consist of their own versions of POS software to cater for specific needs of clients. They are explained as follows

WaveSoft Application

This application software has been developed to complement the Aldelo for Restaurant software so as to make the order taking and processing of payments easy and efficient. It is designed to work with Apple devices and a few specific devices including the Brilliant POS POS-X Fusion. You will process payments in a secure manner via MSR readers using a PCI compliant gateway and device. This reduces your costs of employing the system because you do not need to acquire additional devices that require licensing. Menus are automatically imported which means that there is no need to reprogram the menu. As such, all products and menus that are already in place can be utilized.

Restaurant POS System

This is a touchscreen operated QuickServe POS Solution that is convenient for stores that require quick services on the go. Order taking is convenient and efficient while customer loyalty/gift card tracking as well as customized kitchen print routing is efficient. There is effortless training of employees that can take as little as a minute. Financial controls are guarantee d by the incorporation of Quickbooks Accounting software and the excellent sales module ensures customer retention and increased sales activity. These facilities make your customers a happier lot because of the high quality of service.

Aldelo POS

Aldelo POS has the distinct feature of handling your floor layout including reservations, customer tracking and in-house accounts, ingredient tracking, free gift card management, delivery order and driver tracking as well as sales. Financial accountability and a comprehensive reporting system guarantee a simple and efficient business operation irrespective of whether it is small or medium scale.

Cash Register Express

The management of key departments improves with the introduction of this application software to the business. Using this application in your retail outlet allows you to track stock and curb theft, shortages, discrepancies and shrinkages including promoting your sales through variety of marketing promotions such as loyalty reward programs and gift cards. Tracking stock while checkouts become faster and more efficient leaving customers satisfied and storeowners in total control simplify human resources management.


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