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June 3rd, 2013 ngillespie

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The Pet Supply Store POS is class-leading software designed to deliver maximum efficiency, organization, speed and ease of use for all levels of management within a small or medium scale business that can be configured to cater for different branches as well. This has made it an industry leader as Brilliant POS has committed itself to ensuring the product is tailor-made for any specific business within any niche market.

Some of its intelligent features include a call holding facility for the customer that enables you to put them on hold while they come in to pick any item for sale. It speeds up activity at the counter because the transaction process is already initiated in advance reducing the possibility of waiting in the line to be served by the cashier. Other features that add to efficiency are the use of bar code scanning device and a touchscreen interface that result in speeded up service whereas payments can be made in cash or using credit and debit cards; a process that takes only a few seconds. Various benefits are derived from the use of this application and the following are some of the major ones.

Age Verification

There are certain pets, items or services that require age verification. You can scan the i.d. card of the customers or verify it via the touchscreen with a prompt to allow you to disregard, depending on the circumstances. This will save you a lot of fines and penalties if you are found to have sold to an underage customer.


A voucher is a useful tool in marketing that is essential to customer retention by guaranteeing repeat business. Your sales promotions can include a time-based approach; buy one get one free; flat amounts and discounts based on percentage. All these methods serve the same purpose of ensuring that your customers keep coming back and this generates a consistent flow of sales revenues that keep your margins on the rise.

Credit Facilities

You can opt to have running accounts with customers because of the ability of the system to maintain them. This is because some customers are so regular their credibility is unquestionable. Providing them with credit facilities is low risk and this is another way of retaining customers and increasing your margins.

Scales Interface

As pets some pets are purchased on the basis of their weight, there is an integrated scale that enables you to weight items for sale. This is also helpful in weighing certain materials such as food. This interface s linked to the pricing system and saves on time required to refer to a separate listing of prices per item. Hence, transactions are faster and customers will be happier at your service.

Management and Control

As a result of the integrated functions that include accounting, payroll, operations, inventory and security, you will be in a better position to coordinate business activities within the Pet Store. This software provides all the necessary interfacing to cope with the burden. The reporting function keeps you updated on business profitability while monitoring costs. All this information provides you with the opportunity to strategize.



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