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June 5th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Garden POS software is designed for use in garden centers and nurseries to help you earn money, save time and run your business. It is easy to transition to because of its simple and straight forward design.

This POS system has assisted store owners by growing their businesses through the provision of facilities that increase profits, streamline processes and improve efficiency. The integrated point of sale solution helps retailers manage their operations through financial reporting to customer marketing and management, inventory control, labor tracking and accounting features.

Other aspects include the ability to print customized weather resistant bar codes for any items that are exposed to the elements.

The introduction of the Garden Point of Sale into the market has resulted in an increase in business opportunities for retailers because of the versatility in operations across the floor and in other departments and branches. This has been occasioned by the following features.


You are able to integrate your online and offline business by the use of a customizable shopping cart software solution that improves the chances of success in your business. This gives you optimal flexibility and control.


The use of Garden POS helps you maintain contact with your customers. Whether you’d like to email your customers about an upcoming sale or simply email them their receipt, this system will help you accomplish those goals.


You are able to provide customer loyalty programs and free gift card transactions through the integrated software that manages your client accounts and targets specific customers who are regular in the purchase of certain products. There is also the facility to offer ad hoc rewards according to date or time of the day.

Graphics and Pictures

The introduction of Graphics and pictures simplifies the selection of menus on the touchscreen system leading to an increase and speed in efficiency. This reduces the time taken to complete transactions while at the same time increasing the flow of customers. As such, sales activity increases resulting in higher profit margins.

Bulk Buying

You can set up wholesale prices for bulk purchases in order to avoid the complications of calculating and the accompanying provision of discounts.

These salient features are backed by an unmatched 5 year overnight warranty including a 24/7 support that is available throughout the year.

Get in touch with our sales team to provide a tailor-made Garden POS solution for your retail outlet.

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