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June 10th, 2013 ngillespie

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The Yogurt POS is a brilliantly designed software that caters for the needs of restaurants that trade in yogurt and related products. It is easy to use and simple to work with as the training takes a very short period of time. The system provides fully integrated scales allowing customers the benefit to weigh and pay.

It provides advanced functionalities that include warehousing, financials, CRM and inventory that are all fully integrated in order to give efficiency, speed and improved management into the business operation. This highly flexible and functional system increases the profitability of the business while assisting in reducing costs and curbing wastage.

The Yogurt POS has a number of salient features that include in-house accounts that allow you to carry bookkeeping and financial reporting with the ability to customize reports that enable the restaurant owner to plan ahead. To create repeat business, the built-in customer loyalty programs allows the customer to use the gift card when making purchases. This ensures customer retention by making them come back and provides a useful marketing tool at lower costs. The rewards program is equally integrated and special discounts can be set up in the system that is specific to individual customers.

The inventory control and tracking system provides you with an insight to how your products are moving. This allows you to restock on products that are on demand according to the season. Conversely, you can eliminate theft and wastage by taking advantage of the different user levels that restrict access to the pricing and discount model and help avoid discrepancies in invoicing and general billing. Accurate reporting systems keep you up to date on all aspects of the business operations and you can login from a remote location.

The E-commerce facility enables you to communicate with clients offering the opportunity to engage in email marketing while sending newsletter to your customers because of the database that allows you to store their details. An added Yogurt POS benefit is automated purchasing from vendors coupled with the restocking function.

These features result in the ability to manage your yogurt store on the floor and in other locations due to the introduction of communication tools and facilities which are also useful in during bulk orders that have to be supplied from different locations.

Excellent customer service ensures that you receive support round the clock and the hardware is backed by an optional 5 year overnight replacement warranty.

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