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June 19th, 2013 ngillespie

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Our customized Tobacco Point of Sale software has robust functionality and comprehensive business reporting designed to meet the needs of virtually any Tobacco Store or Tobacco Chain. This increases the efficiency of your operations and saves you time and money while maximizing profits.

This tobacco point of sale provides an accounting system that is fully customizable and offers promotional pricing, buy downs, coupon codes, multi-packs and ID certification. It runs on the windows operating system and includes fully integrated functions such as customers and vendors services in one system as well as payroll, purchasing and tying inventory. This is coupled with a comprehensive reporting capabilities and dashboard.

The impressive reporting capabilities provide up to date reporting to monitor sales and inventory with current reports on sales by credit, cash receipts, register, sales person or item. The system allows you to send information to the customer via email and determine commission foe each sales person. Invoices can provide information regarding status pertaining to quotes or orders. There is real time tracking of sales activities and an additional facility provides for sales history.

Customer satisfaction is derived from the fact that you can create customer statements that are customized. Customer service and troubleshooting efforts are assisted by the systems ability to compare various payments with invoices while special discounts can be defined on receipt of payments. The tracking system caters for open credits and you can verify the creditworthiness of customers by putting them on hold first. You are able to place finance charges on calculations specific to individual customers. All the necessary sales reports including Aged Analysis Report can be printed.

Vendor payments are easily managed within a single integrated facility. This is done through the organization and tracking of vendors. You can monitor your own payments using credit or debit cards and set up electronic funds transfers. The vendor module offers a wide-ranging reporting system including history, control and financial reports.

Other salient features of our tobacco point of sale include purchase orders from the initial purchase until payment and a minimum restocking level that automates inventory ordering. The use of E-commerce ensures that the website is up to date in pricing information and inventory levels. All jobs are tracked per employee ensuring monitoring of each member of staff on the floor.

All these features are supported by class leading hardware that is covered by a 5 year Overnight Replacement Warranty and customer support all year round that eliminates any down time.

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