Grocery POS System

August 29th, 2013 ngillespie

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This is a very powerful POS solution that helps store owners to not only manage their businesses effectively but also with a lot of ease. You can offer your clients the convenience of shorter lines by this POS’s supersonic speed. Additionally, there is touch screen operations as well as super fast processing of credit cards. It also comes with an integrated system of weighing, and you can use it to weigh and pay. It measures the weight and then gives you the price you should sell a particular item for.

The system accepts virtually all modes of payment such as credit cards, checks, food stumps and debit cards. Essentially, it allows your customers to pay via their preferred payment mode. It also allows you to provide incentives to your customers and keep them always coming back. This Grocery POS comes with a special feature called Cashier-in-and-out, and it minimizes instances of theft by your cashiers as they are made responsible for their tills while on shift. Some of its key features include

• Offers ID Verification feature

• Inventory Maintenance

• Comes with QuickBooks Financial

• Fitted with Handheld Inventory Device

• Provides detailed reporting for gauging performance

• PO generation

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