Just a few of our Point Of Sale POS Features

A basic POS Solution can be summed up as the completion of transaction. This is where customers make payment to merchants in exchange of goods and/or services. These Systems in various industries utilize software and hardware that enables them to make wiser business decisions so that they can be able to maintain and manage an…

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Check out a few Benefits of POS Systems for Wineries

The Point of Sale System is the process of not keeping your staff or your customers tied to a cash register. POS Systems for Wineries is ideal for the Wine, Beer, and Liquor industries. Compared to Registers, POS Systems have numerous benefits. Below are some of the main features of these solutions for Wineries.

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BrilliantPOS.com – The Best Liquor POS Support Service Provider

A Liquor POS System from Brilliant POS will help you manage your liquor and retail store more effectively. Whether you own or manage a wine or liquor retail business, you can depend on us for efficient Support Services. Our Hardware and Software are carefully customized to meet your business needs. They can help you to…

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Pizza POS System is A Must have for Every Pizza Parlor

POS (Point of Sale) is the first interface at which the customer or server makes payment to the merchant for exchange of goods and services. The retailer calculates the total amount, which is paid by the customer, and he receives a receipt for the transaction. Almost every retailer employs this type of system and the…

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Reducing Shrinkage with a Liquor Wine Point of Sale Inventory System

According to the National Retail Security Survey, retail companies lost a combined total of $31 billion in inventory to employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud, and administrative error. This massive number equates to an annual sales loss of about 1.7%. The average retail store that does $1 Million of sales per year lost about $17,000. As…

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