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September 11th, 2013 ngillespie

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Convenience stores are called convenience stores for a reason:  customers are looking to come in and out fast.  Store layout and merchandising are two important elements to establishing a profitable and well-run convenience store.

However, if customers are directed to the right products in an easy and efficient manner, but then have to wait 10 minutes in a clumsy checkout line, they won’t be coming back too often.  It’s way too easy to visit the convenience store on the next block next time.

Customers need convenience, and that convenience must stretch through every aspect of the customer’s experience from entering a store to exiting.

C-store POS software is the only way a store owner can provide a seamless and natural checkout process to a customer.  Our software package at Brilliant POS includes every key feature you need to run an efficient operation and maximize profitability.

Inventory Maintenance – Tracking inventory is easy with c-store POS software as the software program will keep track of all inventory counts, make reordering a very simple process, and allow you to include new products into the inventory management system with the ease of a barcode scan.

Purchase Order – When you scan a product for the first time and enter it into the inventory program, you can also assign a vendor and reorder quantity.  Then, when inventory gets low, you simply generate a purchase order via the software program in automated fashion.

Credit Card Processing – Again, customers are looking for convenience.  They don’t want to wait in line for 2 minutes, while a clumsy credit card machine processes orders at the speed of a turtle.  At Brilliant POS, our c-store POS software program will process credit cards in a matter of seconds, which allows for a much better customer experience.  And, as always, a better customer experience means returning customers, which means more profitability.

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