A Review of the Grocery POS System

September 13th, 2013 ngillespie

As we all know most businesses depend on returning customers for a large portion of their revenue. One way to ensure loyalty with clients is to make sure the checkout experience is fast and efficient. Some people actually do enjoy going to the grocery store every week, but even those people don’t like waiting in lines. Therefore, it’s essential that your Grocery POS System is stocked with the necessary technology to ensure you can keep a fast-moving and efficient checkout lane in place.

Here are a few key features to look for when considering a System for Checkout:

Scanner/Scale Combination
When buying a fine bottle of Cognac for a cool, fall evening, you won’t see a scale on the checkout lane at the corner liquor store. You will at the grocery store, though. The scale is an integral part of every Grocery Point of Sale, as customers are buying vegetables and other products that need to be weighed at checkout. A properly working scale is essential.

Receipt Printer
At a Supermarket, a customer is usually purchasing anywhere from a dozen to over 100 items. If hundreds of customers pass through a checkout lane each day, and each customer is buying a dozen to over 100 items, that is a lot of receipt paper. When considering a point of sale system, make sure you are looking for a thermal receipt printer that prints at super high speeds with very low noise.

Self-Checkout Stations
One way to increase the speed at which customers can check out is to let them do it themselves! This is accomplished by setting up a few self-checkout stations. Customers who are coming in to the store to grab a few quick items don’t want to wait in long lines. Don’t make them! That’s best done by including a self-checkout station in your POS System configuration.

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