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September 14th, 2013 mhoerr

Managing a restaurant is not an easy task, but you can use POS-X point of sale systems. These have all the features and capabilities you need for running your restaurant in an easier and more profitable manner. You get better control of your business by streamlining the everyday operations. However, there are many more benefits of using these advanced hardware and Software.

Benefits of Using POS-X Point of Sale Solutions from brilliant POS

· Café Software
The software used by this hardware, takes into consideration all the features that you would need in your business. You can feed the menu and edit them in real-time, and can make changes in rates. Additionally, the database gives you alert about inventory management giving low stock notifications and generating PO.

· Café POS systems
These units are built to sustain severe restaurant environments, thus they can withstand extreme heat, humidity, and are built to resist water, oil, dirt, and other foreign particles. Therefore, you don’t have to worry too much about their maintenance, as they are built to last longer.

· Excellent Phone Support
You get tech support from our side remotely after installation. This support is 24 hours a day. The POS-X technicians you talk to can help in resolving any hardware issues. You would also get the service of remote desktop troubleshooting.

· Lifetime Customer Support
POS-X Company believes that your success is their success, and thus they offer their customer support service over the phone for the lifetime of their hardware brand

· 5 Year Warranty Protection
There is a free 3 Year, 2-day advanced replacement that comes with these products. Additionally, you get 5 years of warranty on the product. Therefore, you are fully secured for years of service from your POS-X hardware once you install them in your business.

· Eco-Friendly
This POS system for your store takes many measures to make sure that it is a eco-friendly solution for you. The energy used for the manufacturing of this product comes from green sources. The company makes special efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and increase recycling of product.


All these above features make our solution a much better option than cash registers and many other units. The benefits mentioned above are some of the most important that are offered by the company. However, there are many other benefits that you would experience when you use our software in your business.

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