Updates of our Liquor Store Point Of Sale Systems

September 17th, 2013 mhoerr

Point of sale systems are best utilized in liquor stores. Liquor Store Point of Sale Systems automate your purchase orders, work your inventory, and manage the work and hours of the employees. They also keep a track of purchase history which comes in handy if you plan on instituting reward programs for your loyal customers. These systems also analyze the profit margins and indicate worst and best sellers. 

Here is an elaboration of a few benefits of the liquor Computer Systems: 

    1. Track Inventory and Reduce Theft in your Retail Store.

For a liquor or Wine store, healthy and accurate inventory control is a key component for efficient running of the store as well as good profit margins. The Liquor Point of Sale Systems in liquor stores have inventory tracking capabilities that identify the items selling fast, falling short, stolen, or missing thereby raising low stock alerts. They also track the list of vendors, generate and receive orders for purchase, and manage the cost of inventory. Even without your register at hand, you can take a stock of your products with a handheld computer. 

    2. Attract More Customers into your Store.

There are no two ways about the fact that if you want to have a loyal customer base and generate new ones, you need to have top notch quality of products and top class service. These systems help you answer “What next” question after you conclude a sale. It is a known fact that people generally prefer the same brand of liquor for regular consumption; hence loyalty bonuses and rewards are regular features at retail stores. These systems provide several tools that enable you to carry out effective marketing and loyalty bonus programs by assisting in automatic tracking of tools and plans that you intend implementing. 

    3. Control your Employees and Secure your Retail Business.

A major cause of losses in liquor stores is employee theft of cash and products. Most Liquor POS systems include elements to introduce accountability to the employees thereby reducing chances of dishonesty by them. These systems have features to restrict or make accessible the sales, discounts, price changes, and voids depending on the employee’s ID or code. They also have features to generate various reports that can identify such dishonest practices. They also have features to effectively carry out cash control and can track anomalies down to a particular time or shift. To further enhance security, you can connect a close circuit camera to the system to beef up the safety of the store. 

    4. Reporting and Back Office

One major time consuming activity is calculation of profits and expenses. Such administrative activities can be better streamlined with the help of a Computerized System versus cash registers. Labor constitutes the largest expense in a big store as it is employees who are required to acquire, unload, stock, issue, and manage the inventory. POS systems have integrated clocks that carry out labor scheduling thereby helping you manage staffing. 

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