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September 18th, 2013 mhoerr

The days of pizza delivery guys building up huge wads of cash on delivery runs are over. In today’s e-commerce world, most pizza buyers are paying via credit card, and it’s never been more important for pizzeria shops to have sophisticated Pizza POS software in place.

On a busy Friday or Saturday night, pizzeria shops can get out of control. Orders are coming in from three different avenues:
1. In-store orders
2. Phone orders
3. Online orders

Each of these orders must be processed quickly and efficiently, and the best way for this to happen is with a Pizza POS software that provides reliable and fast service. When shopping through various options, it’s important to remember you need a program that can provide a solution for each of these order types.

A high quality Pizza Point of Sale Software will also allow store managers the ability to store customer information for faster order processing for orders in the future. An added important feature that helps insure your customers stay happy is an alarm feature that notifies you if an order has not left the kitchen after a specified period of time.

The beauty of online ordering is that orders are placed and more revenue is earned without increased labor costs on the customer service side since no one had to answer a phone and take an order. This is a huge key to incrementally increasing revenue an overall profitability for a pizza shop owner, and a high quality software solution will do just this.

Finally, advanced reporting functionality is a central component of the point of sale software available at BrilliantPOS. End of day accounting and reporting is now a fully automated process that can be run from any internet browser.

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