Pizza POS System is A Must have for Every Pizza Parlor

September 23rd, 2013 mhoerr

POS (Point of Sale) is the first interface at which the customer or server makes payment to the merchant for exchange of goods and services. The retailer calculates the total amount, which is paid by the customer, and he receives a receipt for the transaction. Almost every retailer employs this type of system and the most common place to see them are in fast food restaurants. The Pizza POS system is specifically designed for Pizza Parlors.
Key Features of a Pizza Point of Sale System
These are developed for Pizzeria shops, are easy to understand and can be taught to the staff quickly. These are designed for delivery, carryout or dine-in type of restaurant businesses. They come complete with options of caller ID, half and half toppings,touch screen monitors, online ordering, and driver dispatch or pizza delivery software. The main idea or motive behind such systems is that they make the order handling easy and convenient, especially in fast food restaurants where quick service and delivery is a very important feature. The traditional cash registers used were clumsy and inconvenient as they did not provide the option of pre planned order guides. Pizza POS systems come with Google maps integration, calculated delivery fees and area code restrictions, employee time clock, virtually endless user security settings for each employee/system user. These are just some of the features that make this a superior choice when compared to cash registers. The list of additional features is vast and can be customized per the specific pizzeria parlor’s requirement.
Basic Hardware Requirements
Most such systems run on Windows operating systems ( XP, VISTA, Win7 & 8). They generally require a minimum display resolution for order entry of 1024 X 768 but this can vary with different models. You should at least have the recommended minimum amount of RAM that your version of windows requires in order to have the Software run properly. There are many systems available in the market and barring few very specific requirements, most will run comfortably on your existing hardware.
A pizzeria solution is very different from the ones used in other fast food restaurants. The orders can vary immensely with people asking for very specific variations in their orders. To keep it straight make sure you speak with a specialist when dealing with Pizza Point of Sale Solutions. 
You will be in regular touch with the company that provides you with your solution for fixing up the little problems that will crop up every now and then. Moreover these services are offered 24/7 with live remote training to the employees of the parlor. Make sure that the service provider provides you with dedicated people who handle your account so as to save yourself from trouble in the middle of an order. 

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