We’ve updated some of our POS Register Options

POS Cash Registers are offering a convenient way of serving your customers regardless of whether you run a small-scale store or a large-scale business enterprise. They can be used in a restaurant, supermarket, hotel, or even fast food restaurants among other business enterprises. They consist of various components such as a cash drawers, software, as…

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Checkout our New POS Hardware designed by POS-X!

Point of Sale Hardware Brilliant POS offers a wide variety of you high quality Equipment. Below find a list of the POS hardware available 1. Touch screen computer: The touch screen computer responds to human fingers via Resistive Touch Technology. You simply select the items you would like to sell and the screen will respond…

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Updated POS Equipment for increased productivity

Point of Sale Equipment is the best substitute for the old cash registers that businesses use to use. They help increase efficiency so you can focus more time and effort controlling other business operations. However, this is possible only if you have the right kind of solution for your business because if it fails your…

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