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October 11th, 2013 mhoerr

One of the more time consuming aspects of implementing a new point of sale solution for a Liquor or Wine Store is getting your entire Liquor Inventory Database into the software. Depending on the size of your store you could have between 5k and 20k items in stock.

Some companies try to assist by providing a pre-loaded database of Liquor Inventory. However, this approach can make it more difficult than entering your items one by one. This is because a preloaded database is a snapshot of what a typical Liquor Store would carry. You will have items in this database that you won’t ever sale and you’ll have items you sell that are not in this database. In addition, you will still have to go through each item and adjust your cost and quantity. Because of this, much of the time it is more beneficial to add your items on your own and stay clear of the promise that a preloaded liquor database will save you time.

Fortunately, here at Brilliant POS we have the solution! We will upload for free, your entire Liquor Inventory Database. All we require is a spreadsheet/Excel file of your products. If you don’t have this on file you can request it from your Vendors. We can upload your specific SKUs, Descriptions, Departments, Costs, Sell Prices, Quantities, and more!

If you’re a new location everything will be in there and accurate, even your quantities because you haven’t starting selling items yet. If you’re already in business we will zero out the quantity portion so when you get your system all you’ll need to do is perform a Physical Inventory Count.

So let Brilliant POS take the legwork out of setting up your POS System, so you can focus on selling your products! Give us a call today to learn more about our Liquor POS Solutions! 704-315-5229

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