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October 24th, 2013 mhoerr

If you run a business and you are still using a cash register then it’s about time you seriously thought of upgrading to a Retail POS system. Whether you are a small one-location store or a large company with multiple branches, there are many software companies designing and upgrading Retail POS systems to lower your operational cost and fully manage your inventory.

Generally these are designed with a user friendly interface that will allow you to track inventory, employee working hours and activities, as well as customer loyalty. Additionally, you can generate detailed and advanced reports that can integrate with your Financial Software. Some of the businesses targeted by Retail developers are those in the liquor and wine industry, convenience stores and supermarkets/grocery, dollar and discount stores, clothing and apparel stores, just to name a few. Most of the systems are designed with similar features because of their similarity in the tasks they play in retail business. Some of these include:

• ID/Age Verification
• Touch Screen interface – Resistive Technology
• Free Gift/Loyalty Card Processing
• Coupons and Discounts
• Barcodes/Label creator
• On-House Accounts

But even with the above similarities in the Point of Sale systems, it is advisable for you to pick a solution that is customized for the unique processes of your business. For example, a hotel will require a Hotel Solution or a Shoe Store Solution for a shoe store specific. There are also many visible benefits witnessed in businesses when they introduce the cash register systems for the management of their companies. A properly implemented system should help retailers increase inventory visibility while minimizing shrinkage, drive more sales, and manage the business more efficiently.

Point of Sale systems are also designed with modules for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that utilize the Customer Database which in turn enables retailers to serve their customers with email offers and promotions. These modules assist in understanding the customer needs when creating new products and driving more traffic to the location. There are a ton of advantages to replacing the old cash register with a POS Retail system and having insight into where your business needs change, which is one important key to being successful. As trends continue to change and customers buying habits alter, you need to know what products are going to make more sales and profit for your business.

Keep your business game on top by getting a customized Solution from Brilliant POS and begin to concentrate more on customer satisfaction rather than management of your inventory and sales.

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