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October 25th, 2013 mhoerr

Point of Sale Hardware

Brilliant POS offers a wide variety of you high quality Equipment. Below find a list of the POS hardware available

1. Touch screen computer: The touch screen computer responds to human fingers via Resistive Touch Technology. You simply select the items you would like to sell and the screen will respond to your commands. This computer is loaded with the client side version of the software and connects to the back office PC.

2. Card readers: The card readers are useful when a customer uses a credit card or a debit card to settle his bill. You simply swipe the card and use this as the mode of payment.

3. Receipt printers: Once a customer has settled his or her bill, the receipt printer is used to print the receipt. The receipt consists of the store details and the items purchased as well as the prices.

4. Kitchen printers: This is useful in a hotel or restaurant. Once a customer places an order, the waiter or waitress enters the order into the Point of Sale system and a copy of the order is printed in the kitchen for the chef to prepare the order. By the time the waiter goes to the kitchen, the order will be ready for deliver to the customer.

5. Cash drawers: The cash drawers has multiple compartments that are used to store paper currency and change. It is advisable to organize the cash drawer by currencies value.

6. Barcode scanners: This is useful in the retail industry, where all the products have been assigned a unique barcode. The barcode scanner reads the barcode in a fraction of a second and display the details of the item that was scanned. Such details include, item description and the price among others. There are many types of barcode scanners namely, hand held barcode scanner and presentation style barcode scanners among others

7. Poll display: This is used to display the details of the items. It is used to show the customer the item description and the price to the item as they are rung up.

8. Scales: This is used to weigh the items that the customer has selected. The customer will be charged for the weight of the item he has chosen. This is useful for Produce items.

9. Server or back office pc: The back office PC or server hosts the software that operates several terminal. For instance, in a supermarket or a store that has several Point of Sale Terminals, they are all connected to a back office server where they connect to the main database and update the records accordingly.

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