Bar Point of Sale Software and POS Systems are now designed with increased efficiency

November 6th, 2013 mhoerr

What kind of theft do you think goes on behind the bar when you’re not around? Without checks and balances, i.e. a Bar Point of sale software System, stealing can be extremely simple for your bartenders and personnel. We’ve heard feedback from numerous clients mentioning that profits “suspiciously” went up 30 % within the first week of implementing one of our Bar Point of Sale Solutions from brilliant POS!

At Brilliant POS we concentrate on full Systems using Software to meet the needs of your active Bar, Pub or Nightclub. We have the most considerable listing of complete Bar solutions and choices readily available anywhere. Follow our user friendly system to personalize our Software solution to fit the precise demands of your active bar!

One of the key features to note is the ingredient tracking. With this option you can actually track how much alcohol is being poured in each drink. This will allow you to identify when stock levels are getting low and when waste and over pouring occurs. In addition to the built in recipe tracking, the Aldelo Software can integrate with Liquor Pour Solutions such as Berg Liquor Controls for added control. With this pour solution the system can control how much to dispense each time a drink is entered into the Aldelo Software.

Another great feature is the credit card pre-authorization. With this you swipe the customer’s credit card to create the tab and pre-authorize an amount to insure funds are available. This will also allow you to be able to give the credit card back to the customer. When they are ready to close the tab the credit card information is already stored in the system under their account. This eliminates the issue of customers forgetting to pick their card up before they leave.

This software can easily be adjusted to fit the specific needs of the business. It is easy to utilize our Software to streamline your company and monitor customer repayments thus offering you the safety you require. With the execution of our Bar Software, we’ve helped hundreds of Nightclubs and bars automate their business and shield themselves from theft and inventory loss at a rate far less expensive than through a neighborhood dealer.

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