Get ready for Cloud Redundancy without the monthly fees of a SAS Solution

January 20th, 2014 mhoerr

A Liquor/Wine Shop is an optimal environment for one of our Retail POS Systems. We carry a comprehensive Liquor Point of Sale Software that will save you a great deal of time and energy by taking note of your inventory, automating order, and recording staff member hours and wages. This Software Solution makes it simple to do system-wide modifications to your stock levels, redeem and sell gift cards, examine revenue/loss margins, and discover which products are your leading sellers.

Brilliant POS can even preload your database with thousands of typical stock items at no extra expense! On top of this service we also offer a free Inventory Import of your exact stock. Most Vendors can supply this spread sheet for you upon request. And for even more inventory functionality, we offer a fully mobile Handheld Inventory Computer that will allow you to do your physical counts, adjust/add/reorder inventory, and run advanced discrepancy reports. All without tying up the checkout terminal.

With our solution we offer the benefit of owning all of your hardware and software without any monthly fees like many “Cloud” solutions out there. However, you will still get the redundancy of automatically backing up your database to an external hardware, flash drive, or Cloud Service. So get the best of both worlds, no monthly fees and the redundancy of the Cloud backup solution. Be an owner not a renter!

We offer Retail Point of Sale Solutions with your demands in mind. Inventory control, gift cards, consumer loyalty, in-house accounts, time and participation, work orders, layaways, and in depth reporting are simply a few of the attributes that our software can provide. Have a look at our Software Features for extra details or give our Sales Consultants a call so we can help you find the perfect System for your business!

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