How to speed up your service and enhance profits with a Dispensary Point of Sale System?

February 24th, 2014 mhoerr

To be an effective Retail Business, you require the ability to process orders as quickly as possibly. You need the capability of scanning, weighing, and processing credit cards, cash, or in-house accounts with minimal steps. Why waste time and money running your business with a conventional Cash Register when you can increase both your top and bottom line with our Point of Sale?

Exactly what can a Dispensary POS System do for your business?

Increase buying speed & reduce customer wait time
Minimize order errors, therefore minimizing waste and increasing the bottom line
Quickly track inventory, purchase orders, and time & participation
Produce in-depth custom-made reports on nearly every facet of your company with the press of a button

Maybe you have actually opened your very own shop and you know the amount of work it is tracking everything. If you have a cash register, all that does is let you know the amount of sales and a simple z-report. But what you really need is the ability to track your inventory, employee transactions and time worked, credit card deals and even more.

Start out right with one of the top Medical Marijuana Systems available in the industry. No need to worry that a staff member is stealing. Your Software keeps record of your cash for you so in the event cash is missing you will know who was logged in in and every transaction they made

With this solution you will save serious cash and you will not need to work with as much staff as you would without this amazing POS system. It keeps record of your inventory and you can even reorder with the system. You will also reduce staff error by having a completely integrated credit card processing solution.cYou can also reward your loyal consumers within Dispensary Point of Sale using various loyalty and reward programs.

We have several POS systems readily available to fit the particular needs of your business. Give our educated Sales Team a call today.

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